What are covenants and restrictions (referred to as CC&Rs)? Restrictive covenants are a set of rules that were established by the developer. They were created to maintain a uniform look to the neighborhood and protect property values. These CC&Rs are filed with the county office for deeds registration; because the covenants are filed legally, the law finds that the homeowner must abide by the CC&Rs and assumes that the homeowner was aware of them when the home was purchased.

I did not know of the CC&Rs when I purchased. Why should I abide by them? The law presumes that the purchaser was made aware of the covenants and restrictions. These are not voluntary rules; they are mandatory.

How can I get a copy? Usually, at the time of purchase, a new homeowner is provided these documents from either the builder or the seller. If you'd like a copy emailed to you, you may email thayes@camsmgt.com or you can click here for an Adobe Acrobat version you can read right here on our website.

How can I register a complaint, concern, comment, or suggestion with the Home Owner’s Association? We are here to help maintain a beautiful neighborhood and living environment for all the residents of WildeWood I-IV. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments you can let us know by any of the following: Phone: 877-672-2267, Fax: 803.865.5471, email us, or stop by our office at 508 Hampton Street, Suite 200, Columbia, SC 29201. 

Why do we pay dues to our Homeowner's Association? Your dues maintain the common areas of WildeWood I-IV. The dues help to pay for utilities like electricity and water for the common areas, as well as landscaping.

I received a past due notice for my dues, but did not receive a first notice. We mail the association dues invoice to the billing address we have on file. The second notice is sent to the same address as the first notice. If you change your billing address, it is your responsibility to notify CAMS so that we may update our records to ensure any notices get sent to the correct address. If you feel you have an incorrect balance on your invoice, or you have questions about billing, please call our Account Manager at 877-672-2267.

How can I pay my dues? In order to make sure your dues are paid on time and are applied correctly to your account, please detach the remittance stub at the bottom of your invoice and return it with your check. Check Payments can be sent with your remittance stub at WildeWood Sections I-IV, HOA c/o CAMS PO Box 98139 Phoenix, AZ 85038-0139. You can also pay your dues online at www.camsmgt.com/owner.

What if my dues are late? According to our collection policy, there will be a late charge added for each month the payment is not received by CAMS - Community Association Management Services. Remember, the cost to mail each notice is deducted from the overall WildeWood I-IV funds. To keep these costs down and help keep your dues as low as possible, it is important that dues are paid on time.

What are the types of issues the Homeowner's Association can help with? The Homeowner's Association deals with those issues that are related to the CC&Rs. Examples would include parking on the street, unkempt lawns, and unsightly properties that could lower the property value of your home. If you have a particular issue with a neighbor (i.e. barking dogs, loud noise, etc.) it is best that you read the covenants to see what is allowed in our community and/or speak with the neighbor directly. The Homeowner's Association also deals with Architectural Control Committee (ACC) matters.

What type of issues does the Homeowner's Association NOT deal with? The Homeowner's Association cannot handle issues regarding illegality. If something illegal or suspicious is happening - call the Sheriff's department or 911. These are important issues that we do not have the means or authority to stop.

What are Architectural Control Committee (ACC) matters? The ACC is a system that is set in place to make sure any improvements or changes made to the exterior of the home are made according to our covenants and restrictions for WildeWood I-IV. The complete, but very simple, process must be followed before any improvement can begin.

I want to make improvements on the exterior of my home, what do I need to do beforehand? Before construction, planting, or any other improvements are started, you must first follow the Architectural Control Committee process.

I want to remove some trees from my property. What is the procedure I must follow? Before you remove any trees from your property you must first complete and return the tree removal application to CAMS. CAMS will send the application to the Architectural Control Committee of the WildeWood I-IV Board of Directors at ctruesdale@camsmgt.com. The ACC will then approve or disapprove of the resident's request and notify the resident.